How to Reset A Kenmore Dishwasher

how to reset a kenmore dishwasher

It very well might be important to reset your Kenmore dishwasher if you experience any issues or mistake messages with your dishwasher. Resetting frequently settles minor issues and returns the dishwasher to ordinary mode. To grasp this cycle, follow the means given below.

Power Off:

 As a matter of some importance, switch off the capacity to the dishwasher. For this you should eliminate the power line of the dishwasher or on the other hand assuming that the dishwasher is for all time associated, switch off its power off switch.

Control Lock Reset: 

On the off chance that your Kenmore dishwasher has a control lock, have a go at resetting it first. For this you need to press and hold the “Control Lock” button for a couple of moments until the control lock light squints or stops.

Drop Cycle: 

On the off chance that a cycle is running in the dishwasher or you need to drop a past cycle, you press the “Drop” button. This will drop the dishwasher current cycle.

Fundamental Power Now and again:

 Then, at that point, plug in the power line of the dishwasher or turn on the power on switch. This resolution the dishwasher on.

Select Reset Grouping: 

Presently select the reset succession from the dishwasher’s control board. This grouping relies upon the model, however is frequently “Warmed Dry”, “Typical Wash”, “Warmed Dry”, “Ordinary Wash” or “High Temp Wash”, “Warmed Dry”, “High Temp Wash”, “Warmed “Dry” is occurring. This grouping will be chosen by squeezing the buttons.

Begin Button: 

In the wake of choosing the reset succession, press the “Begin” button. This will begin the dishwasher to reset.

Pause and Check: 

Presently stand by till it stops. After the reset cycle is finished, the dishwasher will run in typical mode. There ought to be no mistake message or light on the control board.

By following these means you can undoubtedly reset your Kenmore dishwasher and use it once more. In the event that there is any more unambiguous issue or it doesn’t help, you can likewise allude to the client manual of the Kenmore dishwasher.


Resetting a Kenmore dishwasher is simple and vital when you experience any sort of issue. By following this cycle, you can undoubtedly carry your dishwasher to ordinary mode and use it proficiently once more. On the off chance that any issues or questions remain, you can look for help from Kenmore’s true assets or an expert specialist.