Bridal Bouquet

Bridal Bouquet
Flower Selection (Flower Selection): The bride’s favorite flower is often used in her bouquet. These flowers like his personality and are his love. Often a mixed bouquet includes flowers of different colors that match with your outfit and wedding color.

Here are some important details:

Favorite Flower:

The bride has chosen her favorite flower. Some brides like only one type of flower, like red rose, white lily, or yellow rose.

Color Matching:

The bride chooses matching flower colors with her outfit and wedding color. The mail of Rango brings liveliness and beauty.


Accessories like ribbon, beads, and crystals are used to make the bouquet more beautiful. This gives a feminine and graceful look to the bouquet.


Some brides use brooches in bouquets. Many different designs are found in these brooches.


Some brides decorate their bouquets with feathers. Feathers give a bohemian or whimsical look to the bouquet.

Personal Touch:

Giving a personal touch to the bouquet is important for the bride. Some brides include small photos or a few unique accessories in their bouquet. Some brides are incorporating that personal touch into their bouquets:

Small Photos:

Some brides have placed small photos of their loved ones in their bouquet.


Some brides use embroidery on their bridal bouquet.

Family Heirlooms:

Some brides use a personal heirloom item in their bouquet.


There is a tradition of different types of bouquets in different traditions and cultures.

These are the main traditions:

Putting the bouquet at a temple or a pilgrimage site: In some traditions, the bride puts her bouquet at a temple, a pilgrimage site, or a Gurudwara after the wedding. Sharing the bouquet among the guests: Some brides are sharing their bouquet among the guests on their wedding day. This makes a flower in the bouquet or a memorable gift for guests. Some brides keep their bouquet by preserving it. For this, by drying or pressing the bouquet, one can feel its original form.

Close-Up Shots:

Capturing the bride’s bouquet in close-up shots highlights the flowers and detailing of the bouquet.

Natural Light:

It is better to use natural light in bouquet photography. The flowers of your bouquet will look vivid and natural in natural light.